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The Outfoxxed Program is based on educating and motivating women to not only take a personal interest in their own protection but in empowering them through courses designed at developing a heightened awareness, a better understanding of situational problem-solving, and training the proper, efficient, and effective self-defense

3 Ways Woman Can Set Up for an Attack - The Fence Variations



3 Ways Woman Can Set Up for an Attack - The Fence Variations

Michael Joyce

How you carry your body says a lot about what you are trying to tell people. If you are hunched, looking down, and walking a quick pace, someone may characterize you as a weak and easy target. However, if you walk at a steady pace, head up and headphones out of your ears as you casually look around, you will be giving off a confident and powerful vibe that will usually repel others from trying to violate your corner.

The Fence in the Outfoxxed program uses this theory to communicate or deceive an attacker. We have three main Fence types that will guide you and help you adapt to a situation presented. As mentioned in our previous blog on The Fence, this movement is a way to help get you out of a possible unwanted encounter.

Below are the three Fence variants outlined below: 


The Passive Fence is a position that you would assume if your intuition tells you to be cautious. This position allows you to communicate and act naturally without giving away an offensive or defensive plan-of-action.  

Below are the three variations of the Passive Fence (per Outfoxxed Program).


The Audrey Hepburn

Many bouncers and door attendants use the “The Thinking Man” position to appear engaged and emotionally non-threatening while at the same time covering vital areas of the body. You will see them with folded arms while keeping one hand free to "scratch a chin" and whatnot. The movement allows the bouncers to protect their body but also have free movement to defend at a moment's notice.

Much like the bouncers "The Thinking Man" position, Outfoxxed's female version is called the Audrey Hepburn.  The Audrey Hepburn is a way of casually folding an arm horizontally across the chest/mid-torso and allowing the other arm to rest vertically, with the elbow resting on the hand or wrist.  Instead of pretending to scratch a chin itch, your hand can be resting on your shoulder, messing with your collar, or messing with your hair – which may be an excellent way to divert the attention of an attacker. Misleading a harasser is a good way to be ready to protect yourself from a violent situation.


Prayer Hands

Prayer Hands are another common position whereby the palms are brought together in the center of your body.  In this position, your hands and forearms are covering significant and sensitive landmarks such as your solar plexus, sternum, and liver.  You can even disguise this to look like you're rubbing your hands for warmth or fidgeting with your fingernails, and not actually praying.

I Dream A Jeannie

What I used to call “The Barbara Eden” is a passive fence that I naturally use when in a passive stance!  If you traditionally cross your arms as if you were “Jeannie” granting a wish.

While this stance doesn't give you very much upper-torso or head protection, it is reliable at protecting the midsection and helps in showing the biceps – certainly a deterrent if your arms are strong and menacing.



If the threat level is high, you will inevitably pull out the Submissive Fence.  In this posture, you are willing to talk, plead or falsely, temporarily, or legitimately give over valuables pursued (e.g., money).

A significant limitation of the Submissive Fence is the fact that your stuck when it comes to moving from one posture to another.  For example, what attacker is going to believe you when you outstretch your arms and shout, “Please don't hurt me” and then switch to a secure, confident, active fence?  The attacker might think you have a case of split personality disorder. 

Use this posture wisely. If this attacker wants something from you that does not have a monetary value, you can still use this fence to falsy give off a notion that you surrender. Know that once he understands its a ruse, you must be ready to attack. Otherwise, for robberies and situations that involve handing over an item, do so calmly. Nothing can replace your body but know that any item is replaceable.



The Active is a barrier that exercises strength and control and applies to almost every situation.  The only weak point is that it might be seen as paranoid or over-protective if you've supposedly misjudged the situation.  But know that it is always better to be safe than sorry and that any real gentleman would understand your reaction. 

For example, a well-dressed gentleman calmly walks over close (but not too close) and asks, “Excuse me miss, do you happen to have Grey Poupon?” You immediately step back and assume an active fence, feet wide for a base, palms open and eyes boaring through his soul.  It might be a standard response if legitimately startled, but a bit overboard in normal, social encounter. 

You might embarrass the guy - bad or good - but it is important to remember that you are defending yourself as a woman - this is something you should never apologize for.  Any man that tries to make you feel guilty over it is either ignorant or inconsiderate. 


Each variation (Passive, Submissive, or Active) has their place and importance; however, if I had to boil it down to the most important, it would be the Active Fence
The Active Fence applies to every situation though it's most commonly for high-stake encounters.  It is a robust and dynamic position that allows a woman to make her mark loudly, and proudly. Imagine running into a bull and wearing red. The bull will rear its head up and down and stomp its feet in the dust. It is letting you know, if you come further, it will attack. Imagine you are this bull and you are simply doing this man a FAVOR by letting them know you are not to be tampered with. 

Please comment down below what you think and what you would like to see from Outfoxxed. Whether you have an ethical question, a physical inquiry or just to say hi, we would love to hear from you guys.

As always, stay foxy and stay safe!