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The Outfoxxed Program is based on educating and motivating women to not only take a personal interest in their own protection but in empowering them through courses designed at developing a heightened awareness, a better understanding of situational problem-solving, and training the proper, efficient, and effective self-defense

What is Outfoxxed's "The Fence" Position for Women's Self Defense?



What is Outfoxxed's "The Fence" Position for Women's Self Defense?

Michael Joyce

There are many variations on how you should start to handle the beginning stages of a conflict. Some are setting you up for failure while others are in the right direction. Though Outfoxxed may disagree with some movements taught in the industry, the ultimate idea to remember is that you should do WHATEVER it takes to get out of a dangerous situation. 


In the Outfoxxed program, communication and avoidance are the first layers of defense.  Both communication and avoidance are on the same level because each are interchangable and dependent on the situation presented. Obviously, avoiding a sketchy area or street and any situation that can pose an attack is the first thing you should do. However, sometimes, you might find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. During these scenarios, you should learn to communicate in a manner that will not alarm or offset a possible attack. Defuse, defuse, defuse!

The Fence is the second line of movements that will set you up for any sudden, unpredicted, and violent behavior.  The Fence, or versions of it, is as old as physical conflict itself.  But it wasn't until the amazing teacher, author and martial artist Geoff Thompson from Coventry, UK, and his club started to bring it into popularity as an effective way of managing the dynamics of physical altercations.  As a doorman (aka. bouncer), Geoff was able to learn quickly just how useful and valuable this technique can be.


The Fence is a temporary barrier we use to keep a potential attacker under control. All the recommended Fence postures start off with the body in a non-threatening position to lessen the aggression and intent of the person trying to harm you. Additionally, this will buy you time to scan for help, plan an escape route, find an improvised weapon, or prepare to pre-emptively strike.

Though pre-emptive striking is a complex issue and can certainly justify an entire video and post itself, if the situation is life-threatening, you should do everything you can to escape and survive.  In this case, striking first, fast and hard is warranted and encouraged.


Practicing the art of the Fence is an instrumental self-defense practice and should be incorporated into every scenario drill in which you:

  • Are aware of your attacker.
  • Wish to manage and control the distance.
  • Can talk to your attacker.

The Fence is a wonderful tool to calm, distract, and set-up your attack or potential attacker. Although you can use a fence against an Asocial predator, it will do very little except to give you a strong position from which to launch into your attack.

Please comment down below what you think and what you would like to see from Outfoxxed. Whether you have an ethical question, a physical inquiry or just to say hi, we would love to hear from you guys.

As always, stay foxy and stay safe!