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The Outfoxxed Program is based on educating and motivating women to not only take a personal interest in their own protection but in empowering them through courses designed at developing a heightened awareness, a better understanding of situational problem-solving, and training the proper, efficient, and effective self-defense

What's The Valkyrie and Its Relation to Women's Self-Defense?



What's The Valkyrie and Its Relation to Women's Self-Defense?

Michael Joyce

 Valkyrie(1918). Peter Harrington, London

Valkyrie(1918). Peter Harrington, London


In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is a female goddess who selects which warriors get to live or die in battle. The Valkyrie bring the chosen warrior to Valhalla (the hall of the slain), ruled over by the god Odin.

This name was selected for the Outfoxxed program to empower women. We wanted our vixen to have a powerful representation of strength and stature for the female warrior.  Also, a Valkyrie, like many Viking warriors, carries a sword and shield which we embody with our arms.


In the Outfoxxed program, we use the Valkyrie to essentially fend off an attacker that is charging you. It provides momentary control, an element of surprise, and sets you up to attack, control or run and escape.

What better Goddess to name the movement after other than The Valkyrie. She is strong, powerful, and a warrior. She has a sword in one hand in a shield in the other - all of which is mimicked by Outfoxxed's The Valkyrie. As one forearm (i.e., the sword) is used for impact and to cut into the chest/neck of the attacker, the other arm (i.e., shield) is used to block any potential punches or attempts for the attacker to close in and grab you. 

The Valkyrie is a simple movement but requires practice for it to become reflexive and natural. It stems off Outfoxxed's The Fence and allows the victim to switch from being prey to predator. The shift of power not only surprises the attacker but also overwhelms him as they will constantly be on the defense looking to gain back control.  

Depending on the situation, from the Valkyrie position, you can shift into The Praying Mantis, use a palm-heel strike or some other movement that will give you more control of the situation. As emphasized earlier, the Valkyrie is not a position used to "hang out." The only control you gain is by shifting the power. Other than this, if you do not keep moving, you will lose that power. Once an attacker is off-balanced, unsure of what to do next, or cannot even think because of pain, you will consistently have the upper hand. 

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