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The Outfoxxed Program is based on educating and motivating women to not only take a personal interest in their own protection but in empowering them through courses designed at developing a heightened awareness, a better understanding of situational problem-solving, and training the proper, efficient, and effective self-defense

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Private Lessons

If you grow your faith in yourself and your abilities, then fear shrinks.
— Timothy Shieff

Women's self-defense lessons can be more beneficial through one-on-one learning.  The more time you spend drilling the techniques, the more confidence you'll have if and when you need to put them into action against an aggressor.  By signing up for a private session, you can also learn at your own pace at a familiar location (Ex. your home, school, church) and not be bound by the curriculum of a formal class.  

While there is quite a bit of information and technique we feel is important to cover, private lessons provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and focus on whatever aspect of self-defense you feel uncomfortable with. 

Benefits of private lessons include:

  • More focus on you to improve techniques
  • Curriculum and schedule are flexible
  • Can learn with another girlfriend (2 people max for a private)
  • Can travel to anyone's home or at a park